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Club Information: Kentron

Kentron information.
 Chairpersonde Jager, Koch 
 Treasurerde Klerk, Derik 
 Club CaptainKruger, Phillip 
 MemberBasson, Alfred 
 Ho-Tong, Tracey 
 AffiliationNortherns Squash Association 
 Members49 (click to view listing) 
 Lattitude25° 53' 27.20" S 
 Longitude28° 11' 26.20" E 

Current season teams
 2021-2Mens 4th aKEN001 
 2021-2Mens 6th bKEN002 
 2021-2Mens 9th aKEN003 
 2021-2Mens 10th bKEN004