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Club Information: CSIR

CSIR information.
 ChairpersonVan Wyk, Louis 
 Vice ChairpersonDaniels, James 
 TreasurerKruger, Andre 
 SecretaryLe Roux, Anine 
 AdministrationMulder, Elydia 
 Ratshidaho, Terence 
 Club CaptainMulder, Elydia 
 AffiliationNortherns Squash Association 
 Members89 (click to view listing) 
 Lattitude25° 45' 12.60" S 
 Longitude28° 16' 40.20" E 
 ResourcesMap_csir.jpg (24.4KB) 

Current season teams
 2021Ladies ReserveCSIL01 
 2021Ladies 2ndCSIL02 
 2021Mens 1stCSI001 
 2021Mens ReserveCSI002 
 2021Mens 2ndCSI003 
 2021Mens 3rdCSI004 
 2021Mens 5thCSI005 
 2021Mens 6thCSI006 
 2021Mens 7thCSI007 
 2021Mens 8thCSI008 
 2021Mens 10thCSI009 
 2020 BlitzMens Men ACSI001 
 2020 BlitzMens Res ACSI002